At SOARescue, our combined experiences of working in the field have instilled a firm belief in us that every medic should be adequately equipped with items that he/she is trained to use as efficiently as possible. This belief has led us to multiple partnerships within the military and other government agencies to develop a kit designed for any medic to want to use. 

Not only have we curated a collection of high-quality, vital equipment to treat any trauma patient in any environment, we've also dialed in our classes to train students how to use their kits without hesitation. 

Between our hands-on, scenario-based instruction and our organized, detail-oriented kits, know that connecting us with your medic gives your team their best chances should an injury in the field occur. 

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Hybrid IFAK MedMag - SOARescue
Hybrid IFAK MedMag
Sale price$28.50
SOARescue Scorpion - SOARescue
SOARescue Scorpion
Sale price$40.00
Trauma Equipment And Mission (TEAM) Kit - SOARescue
Trauma Equipment And Mission (TEAM) Kit
Sale priceFrom $660.00
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