OD Trucker Hat
OD Trucker Hat
OD Trucker Hat


OD Trucker Hat

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There are a lot of hats out there, so how do you choose which is best for you?

 We've created a guide to make it a little easier to choose. Ask yourself the following questions when procuring bespoke headwear.

 -Does it make you look like you know what you are doing, regardless of the topic?

 (The SOARescue OD Trucker Hat, will make you look like an expert whether it is Ornithology or open heart surgery)

 -Does your choice in hat make you more attractive?

 ( We're not saying it will make everyone a 10, but the SOARescue OD trucker hat will add at least 3 points to your looks)

 -Can your choice in hat be worn for different occasions?

 (On target or on the town the SOARescue OD Trucker Hat will for sure be your primary choice in headwear. It does not, however, offer ballistic protection)