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MedMag Mount (M3)

Find out more about the MedMag Mount (M3) and the philosophy behind the kit. The MedMag Story

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The MedMag Mount (M3) - SOARescue
The MedMag Mount (M3)
Sale priceFrom $130.00
SOF Tourniquet (SOFTT-W) - SOARescue
SOF Tourniquet (SOFTT-W)
Sale price$34.00
BDS QR Retrofit system - SOARescue
BDS QR Retrofit system
Sale priceFrom $114.00
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After taking a course, I wanted to make sure I had the best medical kit out there. I know you can find knock-off products in the market, but I got to see first-hand that the SOARescue guys just want me to be properly prepared. Nothing is scarier than having a family member's life depend on your medical kit choice, so I trust the SOARescue guys to make sure I can take care of my family and team.

John S.


How do we build a kit?

Our seasoned instructors have decades of medical experience in the SOF, Mil, Fed/Gov, State and local realms. Their commitment to crafting top-quality medical kits further reflects their unwavering belief in our products. With a focus on evidence based medicine and research, we sell these products for our kits because WE use these products. Zero counterfeits and 100% reliability. Info@SOARescue.com if you need to build something customized.