Pocket BVM - SOARescue
Pocket BVM - SOARescue
Wide view of a soldier using the Pocket BVM™ to administer manual resuscitation to another fallen soldier.

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Pocket BVM

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The Pocket BVM™ Bag Valve Mask is a revolutionary, compact device used for manual resuscitation. The bag is quick to deploy, easy to operate, and does not need to be manually inflated prior to use. Simply twist the cap off, deploy the reservoir bag, connect the reservoir bag to the mouthpiece, apply the mask to the victim's mouth, and pump the bag to administer manual resuscitation.


  • Single-use eliminates cross contamination 
  • Requires minimum pressure for compression and quickly recovers shape 
  • Textured grip to prevent slippage 
  • Connections gas inlet tube 15mm length x 6mm O.D. 
  • Patient connector: Outside - 22mm male Inside - 15mm female
  • Expiratory connector (for PEEP valve attachment): 30mm male

Traditional BVMs can be cumbersome and hard to pack. Never come unprepared and keep this nifty pocket-sized BVM in your tool belt so you are ready in a time of need. 


  • 1 Bag 
  • 1 Mask 
  • 1 Patient valve 
  • 1 Reservoir bag 
  • 1 2-centimeter oxygen drive line 

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