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2024 International Tactical Medicine Competition Team Registration

Sale price$350.00 USD

This registration fee is for a team of 2 providers for the 2024 ITMC. Please contact info@soarescue.com for any questions yo may have prior to paying fees.  

Teams will be contacted to submit provider certificates and medical director authorizations if applicable. 

  • A team will consist of a two competitors.
  • Teams will be required to perform ALS interventions.     
  • Competitors must be certified or licensed to perform any interventions they execute during the competition. BLS teams are allowed if they have a signed letter from their medical director that they are competent to perform the skills listed above under the “topics” section.
  • Teams must be registered prior to the competition day and have any associated fees paid in full.
  • Teams will only be allowed one attempt. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the organizing committee if the organizing committee has to halt a team’s attempt at any time.
  • Teams can cease their attempt at any time at the request of a competitor. They will not be allowed to restart or resume their attempt.
  • Teams will be supplied with any medical equipment necessary for the successful completion of the competition. Technical rescue equipment will be provided for that station.
  • The use of outside medical supplies is not permitted.
  • Any outside equipment must be approved by the organizing committee prior to the start of the team’s attempt.
  • Teams should wear the proper attire or uniform that they typically train or deploy in for their tactical team.