Active Shooter Kit- SOARASK

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With the number of active shooter events on the rise, this kit helps your department stay prepared to handle high threat situations. It comes outfitted with the supplies needed to address life-threatening injuries for multiple patients. Two tourniquet pouches on the outside let you treat critical patients without even having to stop to reach into the bag. Once patients have been treated and triaged with the compact and efficient Tactical Triage Kit, the included litter allows your team to get those critical patients out to an awaiting ambulance and off to the hospital without delay. Don’t waste time carrying unnecessary equipment into a scene. Use the Active Shooter Kit, and have all the lifesaving equipment you need, easy to reach and at your fingertips. Carry one on each ambulance, fire truck or police car to make sure you’re never on-scene without one.

Kit Contents:

  • (1) Active Shooter Response Bag

  • (1) Soft Litter

  • (4) Tourniquet: CAT or SOFT-TW

  • (2) Tourniquet Holder

  • (2) NasalPharyngeal Airway

  • (2) HyFin Vent-Twin Pack

  • (1) Mini Sharpie

  • (1) Tactical Triage Kit

  • (4) Flat Pack Trauma Dressing