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Traveler's Med Pack

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Whether you're traveling for fun, holiday exodus, deployment, obligations, what-have-you, this mighty pack has you covered. Closely related to our PillPack, this kit will treat minor illness which commonly occurs during travel - diarrhea, headaches, stomach pain, scrapes, allergies, etc. But this pack also addresses the sleep/wake cycle with the addition of melatonin and an energy supplement to ensure you're ready to face whatever you need to, when you need to. 


Diphenhydramine x 3
Dissolving Melatonin Strips x 3
Loperamide x 2
Bismuth subsalicylate x 2
Ibuprofen x 4
Eye drops x 2
Energy drink supplement x 2
Adhesive Bandages x 4
Antiseptic Wipes x 4
Mini Lip Balm x 1
Gum Sticks x 5