The MedMag Mount (M3)

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The MedMag Mount (M3) was developed in collaboration between SOARescue and Haley Strategic Partners. We desired to design a simplified, but widely adaptable version of the "IFAK". The goal was to provide as many mounting, carry, and storage options that will fit YOUR lifestyle. The days of an IFAK remaining in a car door pocket, or passenger seat are over.


The M3 Standard Configuration Contains:

-1x MedMag Mount (In Selected Color)

-1x MedMag (Pick one)

  • Hybrid IFAK
  • Hybrid IFAK + Hemostatic
  • Basic Airway
  • Advance Airway
  • Basic Bleeding
  • Advanced Bleeding

-1x Tourniquet of Choice (CAT or SOFTT-W)

 Add a Pair of Trauma Shears or ARS Decompression Needle

**If adding a decompression needle (ARS) a Medical Device Authorization Is Required**

*** Domestic sales only. This product will not be sold internationally. *** 

The MedMag Mount (M3) is designed to fit the entire suite of MedMags, If you would like to add additional MedMags Please Click Below. 

Hybrid IFAK + Hemostatic MedMag

Hybrid IFAK MedMag

Advanced Airway + Respiratory MedMag

Basic Airway + Respiratory MedMag

Advanced Bleeding + Hemostatic MedMag

Basic Bleeding MedMag

Triage MedMag

The Pillpack