Triage MedMag - SOARescue
Triage MedMag - SOARescue


Triage MedMag

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Introducing the Triage MedMag Kit, your game-changer in chaotic situations! Compact and cleverly designed, it effortlessly triages patients and orchestrates a seamless Casualty Collection Point (CCP). Equipped with START triage cards and vibrant LED Glowsticks, it illuminates hope and order amidst the mayhem. Embrace efficiency and be the hero when it matters most!

Using the five triage cards, you can start to keep track of the patient's injuries and interventions from other providers. The START triage cards are compliant with many states that require those cards to be used. START triage cards can quickly and easily display the patient's color and fit into a plastic sleeve that can attach to a patient's wrist.


  • Compact and easy-to-use kit for triaging patients and organizing a Casualty Collection Point (CCP)
  • Same size as a standard AR-15 magazine
  • Waterproof and battery-powered LED Glowsticks with a 60-hour runtime and an on/off switch to conserve battery life
  • Each glowstick has a #0 plastic S-biner for clipping if needed
  • Triage cards are compliant with many states' requirements

Don't let a Mass Casualty Incident overwhelm you—equip yourself with the Triage MedMag Kit and become a master of order and efficiency, ensuring lives are saved and chaos is conquered with ease.

What’s included

  • 1 Label card with patient count tracker and START triage flow chart
  • 5 triage cards
  • 5 Plastic sleeves for triage cards, allowing attachment to a patient's wrist
  • 5 Mini LED Glowsticks (blue, green, orange, red) for CCP organization
  • 1 White light 
  • 5 #0 plastic S-biners

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