Advanced Airway + Respiratory MedMag - SOARescue
Advanced Airway + Respiratory MedMag - SOARescue
Advanced Airway + Respiratory MedMag - SOARescue

North American Rescue

Advanced Airway + Respiratory MedMag

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Introducing the Advanced Airway + Respiratory MedMag, the perfect compact solution for immediate action. Weighing only seven ounces, this lightweight kit seamlessly integrates into your existing gear. Carry it every day without bulk, and always be prepared for any airway and respiratory emergency.


  • Part of the SOARescue MedMag series
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Fits easily into magazine pouches
  • Seamless integration with existing gear
  • Low profile for discreet storage
  • Ready for immediate action

Grab your Advanced Airway + Respiratory MedMag today to embrace preparedness without compromising mobility. Elevate your medical kit game today!

What’s included

  • 1 alcohol pad
  • 1 ChloraPrep™ swab stick
  • 1 two-pack of gauze pads
  • 1 PenBlade #10 safety scalpel
  • 1 NAR tracheal hook
  • 1 NAR 10cc syringe
  • 1 NAR tracheostomy tube with bougie-introducer
  • 1 tube securing strap
  • 1 Hyfin compact twin
  • 1 ARS decompression needle 
  • 1 pair of large gloves

    By purchasing this kit, you assert that you have the certifications required to purchase and use any items that require medical device authorization contained in this kit.  

    **Requires Medical Device Authorization**

    *** Domestic sales only. This product will not be sold internationally. *** 

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