SOARescue Scorpion

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The SOARescue Scorpion is a tool designed to fit the needs for prehospital and crit-care providers in the field. 

Prehospital IV poles can easily get overcrowded. They aren't necessarily designed to hold multiple IV bags. When placing 2-3 IV bags on the pole, it easily gets full. When having to change out one of those bags, it now becomes tricky to get things moved around. The Scorpion steps in to help sort things out easily. IV bags can set stacked independently on the IV pole and spaced out so each bag can get accessed easily. 

The tool can also be used on scenes to make an impromptu IV pole out of doors, furniture, etc. This gives medics on scene a place to hang IV's instead of having someone in the corner holding the bag up. Freeing up personnel on scene helps put them to use for other tasks, getting you off scene faster. 

The tool will come in Flat Dark Earth (Brown) and Grey. 

Patent pending.