Close-up view of a closed black major trauma kit
Extreme Sports Trauma Kit
Extreme Sports Trauma Kit
Extreme Sports Trauma Kit
Extreme Sports Trauma Kit
Close-up view of the major trauma kit opened showing the contents contained in the pack
Close-up view of each individual content of the major trauma kit spread out


Extreme Sports Trauma Kit

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Hunter? Paraglider? Dirt biker?

No matter what emergency situation you are in, be ready to treat any condition from a scrape to a missing limb with the major trauma kit. This pack has everything you need to provide proper care to a downed victim or teammate, even under direct threat. This pack is essential for any responder and is tightly organized together for quick and efficient care right when you need it. This pack features everything included in our flagship SOARFAK pack, with the addition of a homeostatic dressing and a chest seal for more major conditions.


  • Durable, compact, and low-profile nylon pouch
  • Same great SOARFAK offered with the addition of CELOX Hemostatic dressing and a Hyfin Vented Chest Seal
  • Can easily be applied to any MOLLE compatible carrying platform or attached to the belt when needed
  • Individual contents easily viewed and accessed from pouch
  • Follows TCCC/TECC guidelines for injuries and treatments
  • Available in four color options (OD, Grey, Black, Tan)

Improve your tool belt without the bulkiness of a traditional trauma kit. Have everything you need from a traditional trauma kit with the added benefit of being compact, durable, and easy to use for efficient and proper care when needed, even in dangerous situations.

What’s Included

  • 1 Major Trauma MOLLE Pouch
  • 1 CAT Tourniquet
  • 1 Celox Hemostatic Dressing
  • 1 Hyfin Vented Chest Seal
  • 1 Responder Dressing four-inch Flat
  • 1 Foil Blanket
  • 1 Mini Sharpie
  • 1 Roll of two-inch Cloth Tape
  • 1 pair of trauma shears
  • 1 Nasopharyngeal Airway
  • 1 pair of large gloves