Trauma Equipment And Mission (TEAM) Kit
Trauma Equipment And Mission (TEAM) Kit
Trauma Equipment And Mission (TEAM) Kit


Trauma Equipment And Mission (TEAM) Kit

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The TEAM kit comes with a stout loadout to handle the mission necessities like the massive trauma that can come from a tough mission. It can also hand the inevitabilities: the aches and pains, the GI issues from the night before, or any of the other team health components. Med Mags in the kit help you deploy a set of medical supplies quickly, or use as a throw kit to get downrange to a teammate on the double. Loose medical supplies are still stocked in the kit, cause maybe you don't need a whole Med Mag... 

The TEAM kit comes stocked in the Eberlestock Switchblade, which is a low profile bag to ensure you don't get caught in doorways or coming out of the BearCat. Look good and look good doing it. Pouches inside help keep items organized.

Kit contains:

4x TQ

2x Exterior TQ holder

1x Triage Med Mag

2x Hybrid Med Mag Basic

2x 4" Bandage

6x Rolled Gauze

3x Nitrile Glove (Pr)

2x Flat Tape

2x Burntec Dressing

1x Pillbox

2x SAM Splint

1x Quik Litter

1x Multipurpose Tape

1x Trauma Sheers with Leash

1x Sharpie

1x Medic Patch