Vehicle Trauma Kit - MedMag Series - SOARescue
Vehicle Trauma Kit - MedMag Series - SOARescue
Vehicle Trauma Kit - MedMag Series - SOARescue
Vehicle Trauma Kit - MedMag Series - SOARescue


Vehicle Trauma Kit - MedMag Series

Sale price$280.00 USD
Bag Color:Black
Bleeding MedMag:Basic
Introducing the SOARescue Vehicle Trauma Kit, with the easy-to-use and identify MedMags. The MedMag series comes with compartmentalized kits for Bleeding, Airway/Respiratory, or Basic Injury and Illness Management. When needing to address an issue with a specific injury, MedMags have all the tools you could possibly need. Two tourniquets are stashed on the outside of the kit for quick access when facing a life-threatening hemorrhage.  The compact MedMag kits can also be used as throw kits when encountering limited access to a patient. Once you have treated patients, move the non-ambulatory patients out to safety using the soft litter. 


  • Our revolutionary, easy-to-use, and color-coded MedMags
  • Durable and compact nylon bag
  • Included shoulder strap and rip-off straps for easy storage and transportation
  • Three color options (Black, OD Green, or Coyote Tan)
  • Two tourniquet holders on the outside

Upgrade your vehicle trauma kit with our revolutionary MedMags. Easily access the necessary tools you need with our bright color-coded MedMags that are labeled with every condition that can be treated, from bleeding to respiratory conditions. Don’t be caught unprepared in a time of crisis.

What’s included

  • 1 Nylon Bag 
  • 2 Tourniquets
  • 1 soft litter
  • 1 PillPack MedMag
  • 1 SAM splint
  • 1 six-inch elastic wrap
  • 1 Cravat
  • 1 pair of trauma Shears
  • 1 Mini Sharpie
  • 1 Basic Airway + Respiratory MedMag:
    • 2 pair of large gloves 
    • 2 Nasopharyngeal airways (NPA)
    • 2 ARS decompression needles
    • 1 Hyfin twin compact chest Seals
  • Two MedMag Basic or Advanced Bleeding packs
    • 1 pair of large gloves
    • 1 five-inch emergency trauma dressings (ETD)
    • 1 Celox rapid gauze or compressed gauze
    • 1 foil blanket
    • 1 roll of Frog Tape (6” x 2"x 9" precut strips)
*** Domestic sales only. This product will not be sold internationally. ***