Hypothermia Warming MedMag - contains APLS Emergency Blanket, Ready Heat Warming Wrap, Flat Tape, LCD Thermometer, Triage Tag and Mini Sharpie
Hypothermia Warming MedMag - SOARescue


Hypothermia Warming MedMag

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Hypothermia is not a joke. 

For every 1 degree Celsius lost in body heat, a trauma patient's ability to form clots decreases 10%. This very real threat to patients is typically present by the time EMS arrives on scene. We've created a kit specifically designed to address hypothermia, because we believe the best treatment for it is prevention. 


Our hypothermia MedMag includes:

- APLS Emergency Blanket

- ReadyHeat single panel warming wrap

- Flat Tape

- LCD Thermometer to continuously monitor your patient's temperature

- Triage Tag

- Mini Sharpie

This kit weights in at 1.13lbs and is a convenient addition to any go bag.