Active Shooter Kit - MED MAG Series

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**Due To Product Shortage, Lead Times Are 2-4 Weeks for All Products Containing 14 Gauge Decompression Needles**

The SOARescue Active Shooter/MCI kit, with the easy to use Med Mag series. 

The Med Mag series comes with compartmentalized kits for Bleeding, Airway/Respiratory or Triage. When needing to address an issue with a specific injury, the Med Mag will have all the tools needed to address that injury. Two tourniquets are stashed on the outside of the kit for quick access when facing life threatening hemorrhage. Two more tourniquets available for additional injuries. The compact Med Mag kits can also be used as throw kits when encountering limited access to a patient. Once you have treated patients, move the non-ambulatory patients out to safety using the soft litter. 

The contents of the Active Shooter Kit include:

(1) Nylon Bag 

(4) Tourniquets

(2) Tourniquet holders

(1) Soft Litter

(1) Triage MED MAG

   (1 each) Nite-Ize LED Glow Sticks: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, White.

   (5) Triage Cards

   (1) Triage Flow Sheet

   (5 each) Triage bands: Red, Yellow, Green, Black

(2) Basic Airway + Respiratory MED MAG

   (1 pr) Gloves - Lg 

   (2) NPA

   (2) ARS Decompression Needle

   (1) Hyfin Twin Compact Chest Seal

(4) Bleeding MED MAG

   (1 pr) Gloves - Lg

   (1) 5" Trauma Dressing

   (1) NAR Compressed Gauze

   (1) Foil Blanket

   (1) Frog Tape (6x 2"x9" precut strips)

ALS variant with Quick Clot available instead of compressed gauze. Built to order, may have a delay in shipping.