Backpacker First Aid Kit
Backpacker First Aid Kit
Backpacker First Aid Kit
Backpacker First Aid Kit


Backpacker First Aid Kit

Sale price$79.93
Bandage:OLAES 4"
Tourniquet:CAT Gen 7- Black

Always be ready to help a downed victim with help from our flagship IFAK, SOARFAK. This slick and streamlined nylon pouch is designed to quickly deploy so you can render aid to anyone in need quickly and efficiently. 


  • Belt compatible
  • Rip-away design for quick deployment
  • Durable Nylon construction
  • Elastic interior to keep everything tightly packed together
  • Red pull tab that rapidly deploys all the content to render aid quickly

Never spend precious time fumbling around with a traditional first aid kit. With the SOARFAK, you can have everything you need with just one pull of a tab. Gone are the days of loosely packed IFAKs; carry just the right amount of equipment with you at all times to help any victim in need.

What’s included:

  • One CAT or SOFTT-W Tourniquet
  • One Mini Sharpie
  • One Emergency Dressing or OLAES Modular Bandage 4”
  • One Roll of 2” Cloth Tape
  • One Trauma Shears
  • One Pair of Gloves
  • One Foil Blanket
  • MOLLE nylon pouch