Celox Rapid Z-Fold 5' - SOARescue
Celox Rapid Z-Fold 5' - SOARescue

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Celox Rapid Z-Fold 5'

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The fastest acting hemostatic gauze, that stops severe arterial bleeding with only 60 seconds of compression.

  • Works with just 60 seconds compression8
  • Stops severe bleeding – fast
  • Rapid action reduces blood loss9
  • Stops hypothermic bleeding4 as found in severe traumatic injuries.

Time is critical when treating severe injuries in the field and saving time increases the chance of survival for the casualty in an emergency or hostile situation.  To be effective in real use, hemostatic dressings need to work fast.

The current generation of hemostatic agents needs at least 3 minutes of compression to work.  Celox RAPID Gauze removes the delay by speeding up packing time10 and reducing compression time to just 60 seconds while using the proven hemostat technology of Celox.

*** Domestic sales only. This product will not be sold internationally. ***