BreachPen **Validation Required** - SOARescue
BreachPen **Validation Required** - SOARescue
BreachPen **Validation Required** - SOARescue


BreachPen Gen II **Validation Required**

Sale price$119.00 USD

***Special order item, Please contact to place an order***

The Breachpen is a BREAKTHROUGH one-time use cutting tool used by the military, law enforcement, and fire departments as a gear common to all multi-purpose breaching tool. The Breachpen is explosive resistant, will not activate by standard fire devices, burns underwater, and can cut through metal with electrical current.


  • Burn time – 23 - 25 seconds
  • Weight of the product assembly – 0.38 lbs
  • Length – 12” length of the product assembly – 17.5”
  • Diameter – 0.7”
  • Ignition temperature - 1440 * c / 2624 * f
  • Burning temperature - 2800 * c / 5072 * f
  • Protective rod covering

DISCLAIMER: By submitting your payment you agree to provide proof of credentials as an active or part-time law enforcement officer, first responder, military member, or firefighter. Failure to do so will account for a 10% service charge and the return of your purchase. If you have questions about qualifying for Breachpen use please contact Thank you!