X-Stat 12 - SOARescue
X-Stat 12 - SOARescue
X-Stat 12 - SOARescue


X-Stat 12

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A smaller version of the groundbreaking XSTAT 30, XSTAT 12 is designed to treat life-threatening bleeding from penetrating wounds in junctional areas that may be too narrow to access with the XSTAT 30.

XSTAT devices work by injecting a group of small, rapidly-expanding sponges into a wound cavity using a syringe-like applicator. In a wound, the sponges rapidly expand and exert hemostatic pressure. Each sponge contains an x-ray detectable marker to confirm complete surgical removal. The XSTAT 12's smaller applicator, approximately 12 mm in diameter versus 30 mm for XSTAT 30, enables treatment of penetrating trauma from smaller caliber bullets, stab wounds, and other life-threatening injuries that require immediate treatment.

Indications for Use:

XSTAT 12 is a hemostatic device for the control of severe, life-threatening bleeding from junctional wounds in the groin or axilla not amenable to tourniquet application in adults and adolescents.

XSTAT 12 is a temporary device for use up to four (4) hours until surgical care is acquired. It should only be used for patients at high risk for immediate life-threatening bleeding from, hemodynamically significant (Advanced Trauma Life Support class 3 or 4 hemorrhagic shock), non- compressible junctional wounds, and when definitive care at an emergency care facility cannot be achieved within minutes

XSTAT 12 is NOT indicated for use in: the thorax; the pleural cavity; the mediastinum; the abdomen; the retroperitoneal space; the sacral space above the inguinal ligament; or tissues above the clavicle.