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When you decide to build a kit, it only makes sense to have the appropriate information available to build your kit. We've provided some info to help you plan to build out a kit to fit your needs.

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 Yes, you read that correctly, Coffee Division. We have been working hard to expand our product line to meet the needs of our customers. As a company, we are our biggest consumers, ambassadors, and all around fanboys (and girls) and we are constantly aiming high and continuing to push the boundary. We strive to break barriers and work hard to build a company that is unlike any other in our market. For all of you that work the 24s, that put your life on the line every day, that wake up to see the sunrise, and for the ones that push to be the best version of yourself - this one's for you.

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The Fire Service, as well as many other disciplines within the world of public safety, are well known for their "tools of the trade". Whether it be an engine company or a set of Hurst tools, much of what is used is built for a specific purpose. The same is true when it comes to tactical medicine. Each of the tools made is made with a purpose.

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