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      XGAUZE IS A REVOLUTIONARY EXPANDING TRAUMA DRESSING DESIGNED TO TREAT HEMORRHAGING WOUNDS.  The Compact Z-fold design allows the XGAUZE wound dressing to be embedded with hundreds of medical grade non-hemostatic treated expanding sponges while remaining flexible and compact. When applied to a wound, the XGAUZE sponges expand up to 10x their size to create a barrier to blood flow, presenting a large surface area for clotting, and providing gentle pressure

       * The only guaze that generates 360 degrees of  "gentle self compression"  

      * 3.5” x 35” Z-Folded dressing with embedded expanding sponges

      * Expands rapidly up to 10x its size on contact with any blood or exudates.

      * No hemostatic chemicals or agents.

      * Compact and flexible, easily fits in just about any medical kit.

      * Radiopaque marker for X-ray visibility

      * Equivalent to the absorption of 2 rolls of other competitive gauze products.

      * Can effectively be applied to junctional areas not amenable to tourniquet use. 

      * Designed for Miltary & First Responders

      * FDA Cleared 

      * 5-year shelf life (sterile)

      * Not made with natural rubber latex

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