The Protector- Advanced Medication Case

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This full-feature medication case was a collaborative effort between CTOMS and SOARescue. We have all used different medication cases or attempted to use a pelican case and velcro. The problem we saw was in warmer (and colder) environments the velcro tabs attached to vials would often come off, or you were stuck with do you cover the medication name, or dates and lot number. So with that, we decided to create a very versatile option that could fit a wide variety of medications, safely without velcro. 

The Protector was born. Now we understand that not everyone carries the same things. So, we sat down dumped out a bunch of meds, and went through pack lists, standard load-outs, and tried to come up with something that was widely useable by the operational medicine community. 

**No Medications Are Included With This Case**

SO here is what we came up with for a loadout:

  • Size  Quantity Of Spaces
     2 Slots
    4 Slots
    6 Slots
    20 ml:
    2 Slots
    5ml Bristoject:
    2 Slots
    10ml Bristoject:
    3 Slots
    1 Space
    Syringe/Bristoject syringe:
    2 Spaces
The way we have it set up is as follows from left to right in the lid then left to right in the bottom.

Top (Lid):
  • 2x 10 mL Ketamine
  • 2x 2 ml 1:1000 Epinephrine or 2ml Naloxone
  • 2x 2ml Ondansteron or 2ml Fentanyl (Combo of 1:1 ideal)
  • 1x 10mil Midazolam or Invanz, other 10ml Vial
  • 1x 10 ml Sterile water or saline
  • Top 2 slots can either be ampules of fentanyl, or epi 1:1000 (Most common) if those are elsewhere we placed needles. 
  • Then Top to bottom on the right side of the lid. 
  • 2x 5ml 1% Lidocaine
  • 3x 10ml 1:10000 epinephrine (Any combo of bristoject will work.( ideal loadout 2x Lidocaine, 2x 1x epinephrine and 2x Calcium brisojects)

  • 1x 5ml Bristoject needle set
  • 1x 10ml Bristoject needle
  • Far bottom right is meant for 1x Riastap (Canada & Intl) or 2x 10ml TXA.
  • 2x 20 ml can be etomidate, mannitol, KCl, xylocaine, or anything else packaged that way.
  • 2x 10ml Invanz and or TXA (1:1 in this set up is ideal)