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      Built for LAGER crews. The LAGER standard IFAK meets TCCC standard for AOR and comes with a slick and streamlined MOLLE or belt compatible rip-away, nylon pouch. The pouch and contents are both vetted for quality and functionality. Only equipment that has been combat proven is included in this kit. 

      The CTOMS Slimmerline Pouch is a 2 MOLLE channel CFAK™ (Combat First Aid Kit). With only 2 MOLLE channels, and a lower vertical profile, it reduces the amount of space used on your load bearing equipment, but the design allows a non-compromise of carriage capacity. The SlimmerLine™ features a Hypalon WTIFix™ Strapped Back panel to reduce the overall weight and size without sacrificing strength and eliminates the need for separate malice clips. The main pouch can be released from it's rear mounting panel in one swift vertical motion - a pull on the beaded handle; however, the pouch remains secure on its platform if the beaded pull is not engaged. The pouch is easily removed and reattached with one hand, maximizing your economy of movement.

      Contents Included:

      - (1) CTOMS Slimmerline V2 Tear-Away Pouch

      - (1) SOFTT-W Tourniquet

      - (1) OLAES Modular Bandage 4”

      - (1) Pack Celox Rapid Hemostatic Agent

      - (1) Hyfin Vent Compact Twin Pack Chest Seal

      - (1) 28 Fr. Nasopharyngeal Airway

      - (1) Trauma Shears

      - (1) Pair of Gloves

      - (1) Foil Blanket


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    • Variant: OLAES 4" / SOFTT-W - Black / Multicam
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