Heavy Breaching Kit

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Note: The sale of this item is restricted to Law Enforcement and Fire Department Agencies only. Call Customer Service at (855) 476-2737 order. Confirmation required prior to purchase.

The 5.11® Heavy Breaching Kit is the most complete and versatile breaching kit on the market. The heavy-duty padded backpack includes a steel-framed organizer and four breaching tools: MultiBreacher, MultiPry, EdgeBender 2.0, and MiniRam. Engineered to provide superior entry capability while minimizing exposure time, these tools will help you defeat portals of any size or strength. Organized and at the ready.

  • Kit includes four breaching tools and a steel-framed pack
  • Defeats portals of any size or strength
  • Includes (1) steel-framed Backpack
  • Includes (1) MultiPry
  • Includes (1) MiniRam
  • Includes (1) MultiBreacher
  • Includes (1) EdgeBender
  • US Made Tools, Imported Bag