BDS MK20 Gel Aerosol

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      The BDS MK20 Gel Aerosol provides a quick knockdown and suppression of fires such as wood, rubber, fiberglass, plastics, fuels and lithium-ion batteries.  The gel is a unique mixture of polymer powder, distilled water, and a few unique proprietary additives.  The BDS MK20 Gel Aerosol performs well from 4-5 ft away from the hazard.  Shake well and use a sweeping motion at the base of the fire or area to be cooled off.  Use the product in small 1 - 2 second bursts for maximum effectiveness.  Depending on the size of the hazard, more than one aerosol may be needed to accomplish complete suppression of hazard.


      Instructions for Use:

        1. Shake Well Before Use
        2. Pull Safety Pin from Head Assembly
        3. Aim at Hazard from Safe Distance (4-5 ft)
        4. Squeeze Top Trigger Downward Using Thumb
        5. Aim at the Base of the Fire and Sweep Back and Forth in Small Bursts


      • Dimensions:  6" with handle  x 3" base x 12" height
      • Weight: 2 lbs
      • Propellant:  Proprietary
      • Origin:  MADE IN USA
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