ARS for Needle Decompression- 10 or 14ga x 3.25'' ARS (PRE-ORDER)

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**Due To Product Shortage, Lead Times Are 4-6 Weeks for 10 Gauge Decompression Needles**

The patented ARS® Needle Decompression Kits are designed to provide the appropriate length needle/catheter to penetrate the pleural space in 99% of patients. With its built-in failsafe characteristics, the ARS® improves the probability of success when treating casualties who present with signs and symptoms of a tension pneumothorax.

Now also available with the same quality and reliability as our current 14 gauge version, the new 10 gauge ARS® provides the option of a needle/catheter that is approximately 60% larger in diameter for those customers looking for a larger gauge needle/catheter. The brown color-coded sterilization band and the catheter hub help to distinguish it from the original 14 gauge version, which is orange.

 **Requires Medical Device Authorization**