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Make your budget count.

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Why wonder how far you can stretch your budget?

With our program, you can login to the website and instantly see what your agency pricing will be for items you need. From gloves to medications, and everything in between, SOARescue has been helping agencies, departments and units source key supplies for the last decade. No need to wait for emails back and forth to sort out if our prices might be better.

From turnkey outfitting of aircrafts to run as ALS medical evacuation platforms to helping police departments source bandages, SOARescue has been working behind the scenes to put the right equipment in the right hands.

Reach out today to get your account set up. We will need a few things to get your account moving:

  1. Account already established with our site. Go to the Login section on the upper right corner and then select "create an account." No purchase necessary to create an account.
  2. Company letterhead or equivalent authorizing you as an approved buyer for your agency.
  3. For medications and some medical devices, we will need Medical Device Authorization completed by your organization's Medical Director.
  4. Email these items to orders@soarescue.com and our team will have your account reviewed over the next 2-3 business days.

Please remember, medical items are susceptible to the usual shortages that occur nationally. If an item is out, we will do our best to fulfill orders in a timely fashion, but we cannot perform miracles (regularly). While we can go direct with many vendors to speed up the process, there are still substantial market disruptions post-COVID. We understand that services require these medical supplies for operations. Some items may require up to 30 days for fulfillment. Items for deploying units will have first priority.

Prices subject to change with market fluctuations.

Next Step

After Successful Enrollment

Once notified by our staff that your account has been authorized for Agency Sales, return to the website, login, and you'll find an additional heading in the main menu to access the Agency Sales area.

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