Med Mag Triage

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Now a compact and easy way to triage patients and organize a Casualty Collection Point (CCP). This kit is the same footprint as the other kits in our Med Mag series, the same as a standard AR-15 magazine, so it fits in existing pouches or low profile/low cube stocking in kit.

Starting out, the back of the label card has both a patient count tracker and a START triage flow chart. Make life easy and consistent by using the flow chart for each patient. 

Next, after identifying triage colors, there are 5 wrist bands of each triage color to help ID the patient's status to other providers.

Using the 5 triage cards, you can start to keep track of the patient's injuries and interventions from other providers. A punched slot on each card easily fits onto a wristband.

Now it's time to organize a CCP. Using the 5 Nite-Ize Mini LED Glowsticks, you can drop a blue light by the door/entrance to your CCP, then set the Green/Orange/Red lights around the CCP to mark patient areas. A final white light can designate your equipment cache. The waterproof, battery powered LED glowsticks run for 60 hours with an on/off switch to conserve battery life if needed. Each glowstick has a #0 plastic S-biner to allow it to be clipped to something if needed.

Take the chaos out of a Mass Casualty Incident with the Med Mag Triage Kit. 

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